Monthly Financial Management Report(Till July 2017)
Activities Total funds received
till date
(in lakh)
Category of expenditure (Head of expenditure) Cumulative exp. Up to previous month of reporting since inception (in lakh) Exp. During the reporting month  
(in lakh)
Total cumulative expenditure up to reporting month (4+5) (in lakh) committed Expenditure      (in lakh)
Procurement of goods (equipment, furniture, books, LRs, software and minor items) and civil works for improvement in teaching, training and learning facilities 1750.000 Procurement 816.073 -- 816.073 --
Provide Teaching and Research Assistantships for signficantly increasing enrolment in existing and new Masters and Doctoral programmes in Engineering desciplines Assistantship 134.853 0.560 135.413 0.560
Enhancement of R & D and institutionsal consultancey activities R & D 232.605 -- 232.605 --
Faculty and staff development for improved competence FSD 261.503 -- 261.503 --
Enhanced interaction with Industry I-I-I- Cells 39.858 -- 39.858 --
Institutional Management Capacity enhancement Capacity development 16.327 -- 16.327 --
Implementation of Institutional academic reforms Reforms 95.840 -- 95.840 --
Academic support for weak students Student support 17.109 -- 17.109 --
Incremental operating cost IOC 188.162 1.288 189.450 0.000
Total 1750.000   1802.330 1.848 1804.178 0.560

” The amount of grant has been utilized for the purpose for which it is sanctioned with due regard to economy, efficiency and sustainable achievement of the project objectives. The procurement has been made as per the procurement guidelines of the World Bank and wherever applicable, it has been done through the PMSS only.”

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